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Adding the human element to tech-powered hiring

In a world where all businesses are digital businesses, recruiting and hiring top tech talent can be cut-throat. Doing that at scale presents an even bigger challenge.
Codility, a software platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers, makes the process more manageable and efficient. It assesses potential candidates by testing their coding skills online and push prospective hires along the hiring funnel.

Brand Review

Their existing brand and website were no longer reflective of the company they have become.
Their online presence was undistinguishable from other scale-ups in their sector; their primary colour being ‘tech blue’, excessive use of ‘non-ownable’ graphics, and a lack of human element to their offer that differentiates them from the competition.
The “0” and “1” reference in their brand logo wasn’t as relevant as it perhaps was. And so, we injected a distinct personality to the brand and gave it a completely new look & feel. There are a number of unique geometric brand forms that can be found within the new Codility logo. The utilisation of these brand forms as graphic devices is core to the new brand system. To create rhythm and harmony within the brand forms, they should ideally be underpinned by a grid, providing an underlying structure whilst also giving the flexibility to work across various mediums.

Brand Video

From brand to site

Scale-ups often find themselves having to rethink their proposition and who it speaks to when they reach a certain point in their journey. This is something that Codility recognised and wanted to see addressed on their website.
We took a user-centered approach and spoke to a number of their existing customers to understand the value they get from using the platform. We also spoke to customers who are currently evaluating it as a platform they are considering using. This gave us clear insights as to the experience we needed to provide and messaging for user types ranging from HR managers to CTOs.
After reviewing how customers flowed on their existing site, we put forward a new information architecture that provided more contextual information for users.
We produced a high-fidelity prototype and tested key journeys with users. This allowed us to refine the site as well as copy.
We moved the prototype into UI design and provided animation styles for developers to work on Codility’s preferred CMS- Wordpress.

The Tangent team has been a true partner to us from the very beginning. They’ve challenged our thinking, proposed creative solutions to our challenges, and ultimately delivered a digital product that we’re truly proud of. Our new brand identity and website will help us better communicate the value we provide our clients and highlight our maturity in our sector.
Rachel Whitehead - VP Marketing

Level up, Scale up

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