December 5, 2023

Tangent's Carbon Commitment

Tom Walsh

Head of Marketing

131 Ah

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Calling upon our commitment to Planet, we’ve built our new website with a green mindset.

We educate our clients that reducing carbon emissions is part of the formula for success when creating a future proof digital product. With more and more buyers looking at ESG credentials and carbon neutrality as factors in their purchase decisions, it makes good sense to extend the same thought process to our own digital products. The landscape is really no different for us.

It’s our belief that many of the brands we already work with and those who we may hope to work with in the future will be satisfied that our own products are also built and maintained with our values in mind – proudly brandishing our name and proposition.

Using a combination of online tools that gauge carbon outputs, we aim to dramatically improve upon our old website’s metrics for carbon reporting so we can be a role-model for our clients, and within the wider software development community. Our new application will commit to < 1g of CO2 per page load as an initial benchmark (as validated by Website Carbon Calculator v3 | What's your site's carbon footprint?), and we will aim to keep our carbon emissions significantly lower than this wherever possible.

As of launch, all our pages are below our specified benchmark and our homepage is tracking at only 0.56g per page load. Moreover, we already have a roadmap in place to make our shop window even greener.