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Our values


Always ask questions

As a team of independent thinkers, we’re endlessly creative and constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible. And that all stems from curiosity. Ask what. Ask how. Ask why.


Listen more than speak

Building products and experiences that put people first means always keeping an ear out and taking the time to understand and empathise with users and your team.


Own your area

There’s an underlying sense of accountability running throughout our team. That means being reliable, committed, and thinking sustainably. We step up and take ownership.


Strive for better

Every project that goes out the door needs to have the same attention to detail, the same quality, and the same sense of professionalism. We don’t settle for safe, we strive for super.

Perks & benefits

Elevate your career with enticing perks that nurture growth and well-being.

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Private healthcare

After one year of service, employees based in the UK and Spain are eligible to private medical insurance. So when life throws you healthcare curveball, rest assured you can get the professional care you need.

Remote Working


100% remote working

We understand life is about balance, that’s why we provide the flexibility you need to work in a way that suit you best. You are welcome to work 100% remotely or hybrid from our London, Newcastle or Valencia office.

Global Socials


Global socials and parties

There’s always a social in the works at Tangent - all designed to help you form friendships with your colleagues. For our overseas employees, we will fly you over at least once a year to attend our London social events to get some IRL face time (and find out just how tall you actually are!)

Enhanced Holiday


Enhanced holiday

After two years of service, earn an extra day off each subsequent year, accumulating up to a maximum of 3 additional days. Embrace a well-deserved moment of rest or check something off your life bucket list- it’s totally up to you!



Growth and training

We provide continuous opportunities for improvement and career development. From specific training or qualifications to event attendance, we encourage our teams to stay curious, nurture their skills and reach their ambitions.

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