How we got a digital campaign to market in 8 days.

The current pandemic has shattered lives all across the country in a host of different ways. For millions of workers, the impact of this pandemic has sometimes meant job cuts, furloughing or pay cuts- and a definite sense of uncertainty.
The employment and recruitment company REED quickly identified what this meant for the job market and the economy as a whole. With unemployment numbers going up, and new job opportunities going down, REED decided to launch a campaign to #KeepBritainWorking. But they needed to act fast.

A sprint approach

At the beginning of April, we were approached by REED to help them bring this new business campaign to market. They’d attempted to create a website for the campaign internally, but realised that its current design, brand, and functionality wasn’t working hard enough to capture and engage the business community.
In less than 24h, we spun up a full-time team of 3 (and a half!) people to design and build the campaign website from scratch. By the end of day one, we had not only improved the live site REED had built internally, but we also had a set of wireframes to walk them through what the user flow and new site structure should look like.
The site helps businesses take action and share what they plan to do to #KeepBritainWorking. Businesses going to the site can:
  • Make a pledge and post it on social media
  • Share ideas to help people back into work
  • Sign-up to support the campaign
  • Access a number of resources such as finding help to redeploy workers from struggling sectors to in-demand ones
With the PR launch date in the diary, we had 8 days to get the full site designed, built, tested, and launched. We managed to hit the deadline with the team working entirely remotely- obviously – and despite the usual technical hiccups that always creep in in such projects.

The agency-client collaboration

The key to this success was due to a number of factors, including:
  • Working with a decisive client who didn’t delay decisions
  • A single point of contact at REED who knew who to lean on to answer questions
  • Daily morning and evening stand-ups to discuss progress and priorities
  • A shared Trello board of tasks
  • Honest and open communication between us and REED
As the campaign launched over the weekend, we couldn’t be prouder of all the work we’ve achieved in such little time.

This is a great opportunity for us to use technology to engage our different stakeholder groups and partners. We are pleased to be working with Tangent for this campaign and are impressed at how quickly they were able to respond to our needs. We look forward to continue delivering a new level of service across our digital ecosystem.
Jennifer May - Customer Experience Officer at REED
So, if you’re looking for support on a project that needs a quick turnaround or would like to get your own hit squad to get a project up and going, reach out to see how we can help.