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Sky is a major player in the telecoms industry, but it has also felt the pressure of competitors including BT and other streaming services that have entered the market in recent years. This is also true of its B2B service offering for pubs, hotels and sports clubs. To make their product more attractive to its clients, Sky asked us to review the current B2B customer journey and suggest improvements to deliver the best possible experience for attracting new and retaining existing customers.

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We ran some field research with both publicans and their customers to gather qualitative insight on their day-to-day task and behaviours. Paired with a deep dive into Sky’s Business wealth of quantitative data, we identified over 150+ opportunities for improvements across both the customer and business experience journey. Our findings ranged from simple quick fixes that could be actioned immediately, to longer term opportunities that would need to be prototypes and validated with customer testing.

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We brought all the research findings to life on Customer Journey maps to illustrate both sides of the experience. The first map told the story of a prospect business trying to subscribe to Sky and promote sporting events in their pub. The second described the experience of a Southampton football fan looking for a pub to watch the big game. The maps highlighted pain points within the existing journeys as well as ideas for potential solutions. This activity helped the business develop a long-term prioritised roadmap to improve their digital products to increase and retain users.