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SAP is one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world, serving over 335k business customers in 190 countries. As part of our engagement with SAP, we work across their Learning and Training digital products and help them design, build, launch and support their applications and platforms.

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We have been working with the SAP Training Shop team for over a decade identifying optimisation opportunities. But one of the main pain points for users we were yet to resolve was to simplify the journey to allow them to view all learning material on one platform. In fact, SAP maintained thousands of learning resources across more than a half a dozen platforms, making the user experience disjointed and confusing for both new and experienced users. The strategy? Create a single platform- one destination - for all learning content, from lessons, to videos, to guided training. No more jumping between platforms or multiple logins.

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Working alongside SAP’s sprint teams, our team created the foundation and the MVP design of the new Learning platform in record time. Within 100 days, the new platform launched at SAP’s annual Sapphire global event. We’ve been supporting SAP ever since, delivering new designs and features on the roadmap, testing prototypes with users and optimising the solution in an agile way. The long-term goal is to consider all format types from across the SAP learning ecosystem, including the Training Shop, and migrate them into this new single destination.

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We have supported the Training Shop in production for 15 years. Within this time we conducted multiple cloud and cloud native migrations, including two full multi-region Kubernetes migrations. The platform takes in £180m revenue per year; hence this architecture was a logical fit to provide uptime, resiliency and stability to a business critical system. In addition, we have worked with calibration with SAP on the new learning platform. We recommended a JAMstack architecture using React & Nextjs to integrate with the headless CMS ContentStack, to ensure design consistency and efficiency in the delivery.




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At SAP, we pride ourselves on creating world-class digital products for our customers. The Tangent team completely understands this, and we highly value their outside-in view. They aren't afraid to challenge our status quo and push us to disrupt the market with cutting-edge products. The best bit?They do it all so quickly.

Stefan Ritter

Stefan Ritter

VP of Product, SAP Learning



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