December 20, 2021

Design: Our top performing blogs of 2021

Tanya Svilar

Marketing Executive


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We’ve been working hard this year to create engaging content about the things we love, the innovations that get us excited, and the stories we think are worth sharing.

Before the festivities are in full swing, we thought we’d sit back and reflect on some of our favourite articles from the last year- up first is the best of our articles on design.


3. Challenges with digital products, Part 1: Microcopy

Microcopy is exactly what it says on the tin; microscopic snippets of text. It could be seen in the form of things like instructions, error messages, or placeholder text, anything that isn’t classed as content. These little pieces of text don’t take up extensive amounts of space on products, but they hold the power to make or break a product. Despite its importance, microcopy is often overlooked in the design process.

In this article, our Product Experience Partner Nadine explains why microcopy is too important to be an afterthought – it should be an inherent part of the overall design process.



2. Why your internal design team still needs an agency

The last few years have seen more enterprise scale businesses bring their design back in-house. There’s huge value in having your designers in-house, they’re integrated into your company culture and have extensive knowledge of the business and its products. 

But despite their benefits, in-house designers can sometimes be too close to the projects and therefore the problems. That’s where an agency steps in. When you combine the internal knowledge of in-house designers with the broader industry experience of an agency, great products are made.

In this article, our Product Experience Partner Richard explains how an agency can work alongside your internal design team to freshen up your ideas, support your staff and bring new perspectives to the table.

Discover more about this united approach.



1. How to refresh your identity without losing your soul

No brand ever really wants to look the same as everyone else. But it’s amazing how many do look alike. Your brand identity is one of the best ways to communicate what your brand is all about, and as markets become increasingly oversaturated, standing out from the crowd has never been more important. If you’re starting to blur into the background among competitors, it might be time to harness that cliché ‘New Year New You’ energy and refresh your identity.   

In this piece, our Creative Director Sam runs through some of the key factors to consider when you’re thinking about rebranding and identifies some well-known brands that have managed to reinvigorate themselves while remaining authentic to their company and customers.

Read more about how to kickstart your brand here.



You can read these and all of our other articles on our Thinking page here. Or, if you fancy a chat about your design project, get in touch with us.