October 1, 2021

Tangent webinar: Behavioural Science & CRO with Richard Shotton

Richard Trigg

Design Partner

40 F Ah

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Looking to boost conversions? This webinar covers an introduction to behavioural science and identifies the studies with the most practical relevance to CRO.

Earlier this week, Tangent’s Product Experience Partner, Richard Trigg, hosted a webinar discussing how behavioural science can be used to optimise conversion rates.

Richard Shotton, behavioural science expert and author of The Choice Factory, joined us to explain how to apply findings from behavioural science studies to influence the behaviour of your user or customer.

Download our CRO Playbook for your play-by-play guide on how to leverage our behavioural biases to boost your conversions.


Webinar highlights include:

  • Perceptions of value – Learning how to make the same price feel more palatable and the same benefits feel larger
  • Attracting attention – Behaving differently to make your business distinctive
  • Steering customer's selection – Positioning products to encourage the selection of the premium option
  • Reducing churn – Ensuring your website has a high perceived degree of fairness

Check out the full webinar here.