May 14, 2021

BIMA x Forecast: Where’s the profit? How to be a post-pandemic agency

Caroline Goodwin


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Tangent's Chief Operating Officer, Caroline Goodwin, spoke on a panel of agency leaders at BIMA and Forecast's recent webinar on how agencies can come out of the pandemic stronger than ever.

BIMA and Forecast recently hosted a webinar with an expert panel to discuss how the industry has managed to weather the past 12 months by adapting.

But with all the change that's happened, few agencies have had the chance to consider and take stock where all that change has left them. The panel helps you consider:

  • Do you have a clear view of where your business is at – and how do you get one?

  • How do you understand what work is profitable?

  • How do you shift from the survival mode of the past 12 months to a more efficient model?

  • After a year in crisis mode, how do you make life easier for your people?

Watch it on Vimeo here.