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When it comes to ecommerce experiences, customer’s expectations have skyrocketed. Speedy delivery is key to this, and this is where start-up Bodo is trying to fill the gap. They offer on-demand delivery for ecommerce brands, getting purchases to customers in as little as 30 minutes after they click that ‘buy now’ button. We helped Bodo define the API and service functionality of the app from scratch and built the custom solution to help them adapt with the changing market.

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Bodo’s goal is to get delivery orders dropped at doorsteps faster than anyone and doing so in a sustainable way. We collaboratively worked with the Bodo team and mapped out the service functionality of their digital product. This included creating the blueprint that connects the brand with hub inventory, courier services, SMS notifications for customers as well as location-tracking.

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We created a technology platform that allows Bodo to connect with brands using all the main ecommerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Squarespace. Since its first release, we’ve update the product to not only allow brands to ship inventory from Bodo hubs, but to ship direct from stores­­.



Azure SQL

Tangent are a truly top-tier agency. They helped us design and build our end-to-end software solution and we continue to work with them on product iteration and maintenance. Their expertise is very broad, and the team are awesome to work with.

Jack Green

Jack Green

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back-end and partner integrations


Live in 3 cities within the first 12 months