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The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is one of the leading UK charities supporting blind and partially blind people. The organisation and its brand are widely recognised, and accessibility- in all its forms- is core to the organisations mission. This is also true from a digital perspective, and so we worked with the Guide Dogs on an accessibility audit and provided them with a reviewed digital style guide that elevates their brand and accessibility standards.

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We started with an accessibility audit and report, highlighting the opportunities for improvement and what that might mean for a revised digital style guide. We explored new applications, refined styles and locked in more consistent patterns. The new guidelines provided more contextual examples of how to bring the brand narrative and storytelling onto the Guide Dogs site, giving their internal team the support needed for all future design and site development. The revised digital style guidelines document is now their source of truth on how to apply the brand, enabling their teams to make the necessary improvements across key journeys.

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Tangent have provided us with real expertise regarding our digital brand guideline. Not only will they reinforce our accessibility best practice, they will help effectively communicate the Guide Dogs story and deliver a consistent and repeatable design online.

Jason Messingham

Jason Messingham

Senior Digital Product Owner

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