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IWG is the world’s largest workspace network, helping people enjoy the benefits of hybrid working by providing a range of solutions and services. Our global design and engineering programme sees us working across the IWG group portfolio, including the Regus and Spaces brands, and our digital products are used by 8 million customers daily and deployed in 120 countries.

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We provide one connected digital customer experience across 3 products. The ‘Sales Hub’ is used by IWG’s internal team to provide bespoke quotes and check on real-time availability, the ‘Ordering and Onboarding’ product helps new customers embed in their workspaces, and the ‘Customer App & Portal’ gives customers day-to-day access to use and manage their space at their fingertips. Across these 3 phases of the journey, we’ve identified a range of opportunities and features that not only can improve the customer experience, but create significant and tangible revenue for the business.

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Our agile 20+ development team works in close collaboration with IWG’s internal teams, delivering change at speed. We have created a truly cloud-first enterprise primary sales system from scratch, through the entire software development lifecycle. The business criticality of the systems means availability, security and stability are core requirements. In addition, we have integrated into the IWG business, provide enterprise level architecture and consultancy across a wide range of their brown & green fields systems.


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Tangent are setting the standard within IWG, both for their customer-centric approach and for the quality and consistency of their agile delivery. Their team have supported us across several business-critical digital products and we value their strategic insight into our future architecture, digital experiences and capabilities.

Andre Sharpe

Andre Sharpe

Managing Director, IWG Technologies



25,000 users, 5,000 activities processing sales for 12m customers


Available in 149 countries and 40 languages


Processing 7.5m enquiries, 1.9m orders since launch


Feature change increased bookings by 15% during trial MVP