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The Travel Corporation (TTC) is a leading, multibillion-dollar travel company. With a diverse portfolio of brands like Trafalgar, Luxury Gold, CostSaver, and Contiki, TTC offers bundled travel experiences tailored to various demographics.

Despite their global reach, however, TTC faced significant challenges due to the fragmented nature of their digital infrastructure. Each brand under TTC operated independently, managing websites, promotions, and backend systems individually rather than as a cohesive unit. This resulted in inefficiencies and inconsistencies, with a lot of duplication of work across each brand. TTC's existing CMS also struggled to handle the increasing volume of traffic as the brand grew, especially around peak seasonal buying periods like Black Friday, which led to performance issues and scalability concerns.

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TTC initiated their "Power of 1" (PO1) project to centralise and streamline its digital operations. As consultants to their digital team, we prescribed the modernisation of their TTC's tech stack to foster collaboration and efficiency across its brands. Given our experience in Umbraco CMS and our vast in-house technical expertise, we were also appointed to support their tech teams with delivery of this project.

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We prescribed a unified platform architecture to standardise website development and design across all TTC brands. This involved consolidating redundant efforts and creating reusable components to ensure consistency and scalability. This was complemented by an upgrade of TTC's CMS from Umbraco 8 to 13, leveraging our expertise and experience from similar projects like UK Power Networks and IWG. This modernisation not only improved performance but also enabled better management of legacy data and content. Altogether, the modernisation of this tech stack included the integration of cutting-edge technology like GraphQL, Node.js, TypeScript, and Kubernetes; all working in harmony to optimise TTC's digital infrastructure for scalability, reliability, and, most importantly, future growth.





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