From Legacy to Luxury: elevating The Ned’s digital experience

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The Ned (Soho House)


Luxury, Hospitality


1+ years

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The Ned, a distinguished hospitality establishment under the luxury Soho House brand, sought to align its digital platform with its refined brand image and evolving communication strategy. Their existing website suffered from outdated UI, ineffective user journeys, and content misalignment which were contributing to lost opportunity for online conversions. In summary, their digital platforms needed refreshing.

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Our approach focused on interpreting The Ned's digital challenges and devising a strategic plan to enhance user experience whilst maintaining its luxury appeal and preferred, existing technical architecture. Collaborating closely with The Ned’s internal teams, we identified key areas for improvement, at everyone opportunity emphasising the importance of driving user engagement and navigation towards specific site sections. Through strategic collaboration and technical ingenuity, we successfully revitalised The Ned's digital presence whilst preserving and optimising their existing technical architecture.

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The crux of our engineering work lay in redesigning the user interface (UI) to reflect The Ned's refined aesthetics and streamline user journeys. Leveraging UX and design principles, we meticulously crafted UI components, ensuring seamless navigation and visual coherence across the platform. Our focus extended to enhancing accessibility and elevating the overall digital experience to resonate with The Ned's clientele. Our team persevered to deliver UI enhancements that complemented The Ned's luxury brand identity within existing technical architectures.

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The project's technical requirements blended their established tech with bespoke solutions tailored to The Ned's requirements. The content management system (CMS) backbone was powered by Sitecore, necessitating significant adjustments to accommodate the revamped UI and content strategy. Despite the challenges posed by the monolithic architecture, we've strategically refined existing components and crafted new UI elements using modern web development tools like Sass and JSX. Moreover, we've meticulously ensured that our code adheres to semantic correctness in accordance with HTML best practices.