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International Partner Conference (IPC) Branding

Tangent has been appointed to deliver the global brand strategy and visual roll out for Taylor Wessing beginning in 2019. Prior to this Taylor Wessing asked us to develop the visual language for their 2018 International partner conference held in Lisbon. This event which occurs every 18 months is used to communicate the firms’ strategy for the following 2 years.

The Problem

It was felt that the current Taylor Wessing brand was looking tired, dated and not representative of the strategic direction being delivered at the conference. We had to create an ownable and exciting new identity within 4 weeks, whilst managing multiple busy stakeholders within Taylor Wessing.

The Potential

The IPC was seen as a great opportunity to test some of our initial creative concepts for the wider Taylor Wessing brand piece. Utilising this internal conference, allowed us to engage directly with global stakeholder's, receiving feedback through face-to-face discussions.

The Outcome

We provided the IPC with a coherent and consistent branded stand-alone identity for the first time since the creation of Taylor Wessing in 2002. The outcome resulted in overwhelming positive response to our IPC brand work and has given us the confidence to move ahead with our vision for Taylor Wessing in 2019.


The IPC identity was designed to emphasize the use of lines and grids, creating a mark that could reinforce a wider brand vision whilst also being a strong visual element in its own right. To showcase the new palette, we decided that the brand mark should work equally well in any of the 4 core brand colours: blue, green, yellow or white.
Throughout the event we utilised lines in a myriad or ways, ranging from simple applications used to guide visitors or create maps to more abstract applications. The welcome signage for example can be seen simply as a pattern or embellishment, but if considered for longer, a visual connection can be made between multiple lines orienting towards a common goal or as seen as Taylor Wessing partners congregating in one location.
This concept of abstract connections featured most notably within the themed foyer columns, using simple lines to represent complex themes, rather than relying on stock imagery or iconography to convey meaning.
As part of the IPC event we produced a number of videos, these were used primarily to help inform visitiors at various themed booths as well as to introduce keynote speakers onto the stage. Below you will see examples of some of the individual animated elements used to introduce pro surfers Justine Dupont and Andrew Cotton.

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