Peak AI

AI is powering the world’s smartest companies to drive growth, increase profitability, and improve efficiencies. But how do you bring such a complex proposition to life?

AI is a difficult and sometimes overwhelming topic that can unlock huge opportunities within businesses, but can be tricky to properly understand. Peak AI make AI accessible and results-driven, giving their clients everything they need to succeed with AI.
They asked Tangent to help them refresh and modernise their brand and digital estate to help convey the core message; they make AI easy.

Refreshing the Peak Ai brand

The Peak AI brand had remained the same since the company was founded, and it was felt that it no longer reflected the global technology company it has become. The new brand look and feel is based around bold geometric forms that illustrate Peak AI's connected solutions and the numerous ways it uses data to power business. We also overhauled the colour palette, typography and photographic approach, developing a look and feel that is more bold and dynamic, but retains the human touch that Peak AI offer their customers.

Style Guide

To ensure that Peak AI maintain a consistent brand look and feel across all of their marketing collateral and touchpoints, we developed a comprehensive style guide. The document explains and outlines the core design elements that make up the brand system.

Understanding user requirements

As the AI market was fairly nascent when Peak AI developed their original website, much of the decision-making had been based on ‘gut feel’. Tangent took a much more user-centred approach to the project, speaking to a wide range of customers (current, potential and investors) to really understand what the key drivers behind their site visit. For example, we discovered that users, especially if they are visiting the site for the first time, need to be educated through their journey before being prompted to get in touch with Peak AI.

Example Applications

To demonstrate how the new brand looks in the real world, we applied it to a number of example applications throughout the process, including their presentation decks, sector booklets, event collateral and t-shirts. Unfortunatley we didn't get around to their famous Peak AIPA beer cans!

Applying our understanding

Following this discovery period, we applied the new brand look and feel across the identified user journeys on the new site. Peak AI now have a website that properly reflects the amazing work they are doing with big data and AI.

Level up, Scale up

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