London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Building the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry's digital road map

The London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the capital's largest independent networking and business support organisation. It represents the interests of London businesses here in the UK and abroad, and offers a range of services to its members.
But like in many other sectors, this membership organisation is being disrupted; not only by competitor organisations, but by technology platforms that enable and offer users similar benefits that the LCCI provide.
The LCCI appointed Tangent to review their current digital offering and develop the digital roadmap that would ensure the organisation would deliver on their objective of increasing the volume and value of the LCCI membership.

What we did


We undertook a 5-week discovery project that saw us work closely with key stakeholders within the organisation to help identify possible areas of improvement and opportunity. Through a series of workshops, we mapped out 5 different user types and their current journeys, from initial enquiry to getting members more engaged with LCCI activities (eg. policy events).

Competitor review

We conducted a competitor review to compare different aspects of the business membership landscape, such as brand proposition and how key member benefits are communicated to social media activity across platforms. This help us identify strengths and weaknesses between the different organisations from a digital perspective.

Customer interviews & usability testing

We spoke to over a dozen customer types, from people still in the enquiry stage to existing members, as well as those who had recently decided not to renew their membership. Through these interviews, we were able to paint a better picture of the various journeys’ users go through and pinpoint key moments of improvement, from onboarding to retention.

Expert review

We conducted a content and channel audit (website, blog content, social media channels, as well as a sample of emails and offline materials) and compiled over 30 recommendations to help improve digital comms. We also completed a UX review of the current website by examining 3 key journeys and over 30 pages of the site. The output of this exercise was over 100 comments and suggestions to improve the site, from functional and design issues to content suggestions.
Finally, we performed a technical audit to better understand the current systems and architecture, and provide recommendations to improve data measurement and steps to implement a more personalised digital experience.


At the end of the 5-week discovery, we summarised all of our research and identified over 50 activities we considered could improve the LCCI’s current member and non-member experience. We provided a recommended roadmap and prioritisation of activities that we believe the LCCI could achieve within the following 12 months.

Other projects