International Workplace Group - Customer App

Refining the digital experience of the world’s leading global workspace provider

IWG is a multinational provider of serviced offices, co-working spaces, business lounges, virtual offices and meeting rooms. We’ve been working with IWG’s roster of brands to deliver an improved user experience and interface to key products accessed by 2.5 million individual clients across 3,340 locations in 120 countries.

Customer App Refresh

The first product we helped with was a refresh of the existing IWG customer app.
It became clear as we progressed with designing our totally new version of the customer app that some of our improvements could be applied to the existing app as quick wins.
We set about identifying UX, UI and content changes we could make to existing apps without needing significant development. We identified over 100 changes across 40+ screens, including:
• New personalised homepage experience to surface upcoming bookings, etc.
• New form and error states to improve conversion
• Streamlined and quicker product purchase journeys
• Improved navigation & wayfinding throughout key flows
• Addition of a persistent ribbon rather than hamburger navigation
• Updated typography styles, link hierarchy and icon styles to match our new designs
• Adjustment of colours to improve accessibility
The refreshed app is available on iOS and Android now across multiple IWG brands including Regus, Spaces, Basepoint, No.18 and HQ

What Next?

We have multiple product design and engineering programmes of work currently in progress for IWG. Our teams are busy designing new products and services focussing on improving how IWG sell office space and could better service their existing clients.
Check out our latest work with IWG to see how we created a seamless and cohesive sales hub.
Whilst we can’t give too much about our future projects away, our focus is on creating personalised experiences for existing customers, faster product purchase journeys and greater control over managing teams and financial information.

Tangent continue to be a pleasure to work with.
Andre Sharpe - Managing Director at IWG