Helping customers estimate weight, size and volume of their waste was just one of many challenges Tangent had to solve in HIPPO’s user journey

HIPPO waste – a leading rubbish clearance provider in the UK – approached Tangent to map out user behaviours through its complex checkout journeys. The research stage included a series of moderated and unmoderated user tests on the current website to determine the extent to which it met domestic and commercial needs.
Our research uncovered that users struggled to choose the right HIPPO solution for their needs, often preventing them from completing the purchase. Using the insight gathered from further research, we created a series of user personas and customer journeys that allowed us to group those with similar behaviours and understand their objectives.
This work sat at the heart of the larger website redesign project, which we delivered in a series of one-week sprints. User testing of the prototype was integrated in the process in order to validate the proposed UX solution. Since the launch of the new website, HIPPO has seen an 8% increase in sales of bags and waste collections.

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