Designing a consistent customer experience

Nobody knows the need for an omni-channel customer experience like Decibel, the London-based digital intelligence platform.
But as one of mar-tech’s fastest growing businesses, its own brand was struggling to keep pace with its ambitious goals, leading to an incoherent experience across its various on- and off-line channels.
Our brief to was to bring clarity back to Decibel’s disruptive market positioning, drawing on everything from a logo redesign to a completely re-imagined online platform.

Brand Assets

Inspired by Decibel’s mouse-tracking technology, we reconstructed the brand logo through a number of dynamic paths and forms representing web users’ common on-page interactions:
The new logo can be deconstructed and cropped to become the major brand element in any number of print or web layouts:

Web Applications

These newly formed elements gave us the flexibility to create a compelling web experience, from interactive infographics that invite visitors to explore Decibel’s complex tool at their own pace…
…to revised forms and user journeys that make booking a demo or downloading materials all part of the same cohesive experience even when translated for mobile.
The tool itself was rebranded with the new logo and visual identity, with everything from data visualisations and iconography to the internal navigation reflective of the same impactful Decibel brand:

Wider Applications

Finally, we expanded our digital work across a full suite of offline collateral and brand merchandise, completing Decibel’s end-to-end customer experience.

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