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Codility is a popular SaaS scale up that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers operate seamlessly and efficiently to hire top tech talent. Their product suite facilitates the sourcing, screening and interviewing of potential developers to provide a deeper level of transparency for candidates and companies alike whilst pushing prospective hires further along the hiring funnel. Codility's customers can manage the entire hiring process remotely, scaling their development teams with minimal overheads.

The brief

When Codility approached Tangent for support on their rebrand and new website build (see the results of the project here), we also took on the parallel project of optimisation work associated with a full site migration and relaunch. Our team of growth experts implemented a comprehensive pre and post-migration campaign, rooted in the three core facets of SEO: insight, on-site and off-site.

Phase One: Migration Support

As migrating to a new platform or site is cited as one of the most common reasons for organic traffic loss, SEO and migration support was high on Codility’s priority list to avoid damaging their positioning in organic search rankings. Throughout the migration and launch, Tangent’s team delivered technical support and optimisation to ensure acquisition was kept on track.
Despite the added pressure of Covid-19 on the recruitment industry, traffic returned to pre-launch levels within 4 weeks.
Following this successful migration support phase, Tangent secured a subsequent six months to further grow the audience that had been maintained throughout the launch.

Phase Two: Incremental Growth

A key aspect of Codility's rebrand was the recognition of and appeal to a new target audience: users actively involved in recruitment, such as HR Managers and CTOs. Catering to this new audience meant that the relaunched website’s information architecture and targeting strategy now focused less on specific information about programming only relevant to developers. As a result, a new content strategy and ongoing SEO was required to generate incremental growth.
The strategy was designed with the three core facets of SEO (insight, on-site and off-site) at the forefront. Activity included:
  • Nurturing partnerships with developer resources (such as educational sites and programming guides) by building a library of quality backlinks - with over 50 having been organically generated since the start of the campaign
  • Researching the priorities and content preferences of hiring managers and CTOs to create an effective intent-based extended keyword list
  • A solid content strategy driving organic traffic directly whilst nurturing leads with decision-makers on LinkedIn and boosting rankings via engaged Twitter discussions


The positive trajectory identified at the beginning of the campaign continued with steady growth in the year following our partnership. The campaign consistently met its KPIs of 10% month-on-month growth, in both key markets and globally - despite launching mid-pandemic.
  • Year-on-year website traffic grew by 10-20%, with growth peaking in key months of September and October and only decreasing due to market insecurity around the US election
  • Achieved double our acquisition KPI in key markets, averaging 20% growth in clicks during the six months following the site's relaunch
This project with Codility serves as a success story of how when a brand prioritises SEO in a relaunch, traffic is likely to improve not only in quantity but in quality too.

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