Getting a better understanding of what makes potential employees click.

For every bright big yellow new fulfilment centre Amazon opens, thousands of new employees – or associates as they call them – are needed on day 1 to pick, pack and ship the products you get on your doorstep. But recruiting new associates at scale is no easy task, especially when you’re filling roles needed on a 24/7 basis.
Amazon came to us to run a piece of research that would help them better understand what messaging resonates best with potential employees and provide ideas to optimise the candidate experience.

What we did

We gathered insight through quantitative research on 3 key areas of the candidate experience: - Employer brand: What motivates someone to choose Amazon as an employer? - Creative execution: What messaging and visuals resonates with prospective employees best? - Job description: Does the current job description answer all the candidate questions and provide all the information required to get them to apply?
This research was done with 250 participants in both the UK and German markets simultaneously with a pre-qualified pool of respondents.

Researching the employer brand

From identifying preferred channels when looking for new jobs to understanding what key aspects of a role candidates are looking for, the results painted a picture of how the Amazon employer brand resonates with various demographics

Testing the creative

We put forward a number of different visual creatives and messaging that were considered for upcoming recruitment campaigns. This exercise helped us identify a clear leader in terms of preference, giving the business the confidence needed to launch with a specific combination of copy and artwork. We gathered a number of qualitative responses to support these findings and provide further context to the results.

It epitomizes what Amazon does
Sam - Leicester

It's immediately obvious as to who the company is, clearly stating what the wages are and states that the job is nearby.
Laura - Milton Keynes

Reviewing the job description

The content of a job description can make the difference between someone choosing to apply or not. When sharing the current copy and layout, participants provided a wealth of feedback and ideas to make the job description work that much harder and appeal to a larger audience. Given current circumstances with Covid, we also gathered thoughts on some of the worries and reassurances candidates were looking for with regards to measures put in place.

Getting to key recommendations

We summarised our 23-question survey in a 50-page document, including charts, quotes and visuals, that could be shared with the wider business. We highlighted 17 key actionable recommendations for the business to consider and suggestions as to how to test or implement some of the more complex issues.

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