Sky Business

Building a roadmap to increase B2B customer acquisition and retention

Sky’s B2B service offering help’s pubs, hotels and sports clubs increase footfall through screening the biggest sporting events. With increased competition from BT and Amazon entering the market. Sky asked Tangent to review their current B2B customer journeys and suggest improvements to deliver the best possible experience for attracting new and retaining existing customers.

What we did

Our aim was to identify opportunities for optimisation and innovation through qualitative and quantitative research. Our approach was to audit Sky’s B2B website, print and email communications, customer portal and pub finder app. To provide a roadmap of new ideas, quick fixes and longer term innovation projects.

User Experience Research

We visited publicans around the UK, interviewing and observing them as they went about their day-to-day tasks. We shadowed them juggling admin tasks whilst serving customers to gain a deeper understanding of their context, intent and frustrations.
Our research identified 150+ opportunities for improvement throughout Sky’s customer acquisition and retention journeys.
Our findings ranged from simple quick fixes that could be actioned immediately, to longer term opportunities that would need be prototyped and validated with customer testing.

Data Analysis

Sky Business also had a wealth of quantitative data that we wanted to review to back up our qualitative findings. We looked at Google Analytics, call centre logs and ECRM reports.
We also added Decibel insight (behavioural analytics) and EyeQuant (AI eye tracking) to Sky’s analytics stack to provide further visual data points.

Customer Journey Maps

We presented our findings back to the Sky team during an interactive workshop. We walked the team through our findings using x2 large format customer journey maps. The first map told the story of a prospect trying to subscribe to Sky business and promote a sporting event. The second a Southampton fan looking for a pub to watch the big match.
The maps highlighted pain points within the existing journeys as well as ideas for potential solutions.

Building the road map

Uncovering problems is only part of the challenge! Building a plan and prioritising which opportunities should be actioned first is the most important part of the process.
We worked with the Sky team to assess the potential, importance and ease, or each recommendation and built out a prioritised roadmap of ideas for increasing B2B acquisition and retention.