Our people & planet values

At Tangent, our team is at the heart of everything we do. We commit to constantly working on enhancing our employee experience to support the needs, aspirations and wellbeing of our team members. We also recognise our responsibility to make positive environmental change, so we care for the planet, too.
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Here at Tangent, our people are our biggest asset. Our aim is to create a working environment where every single member of the team has the opportunity to be themselves. We focus on the needs, aspirations, health and wellbeing of staff and are committed to promoting diversity, professional development and a work-life balance.

What do we do?

1. Benefits

Work shouldn’t just be about work. We ensure the benefits offered to all employees contribute to a healthy work-life balance and allow flexibility. Here’s just a few of the perks we offer:

  • Enhanced holiday up to 28 days
  • Enhanced maternity/paternity pay
  • Life assurance: in the unlikely event that something bad should ever happen to you, we’ve got cover in place to ensure your loved ones are looked after financially
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2. Charitable partnerships

We’ve partnered with the Mayor’s Fund for London to support opportunities for young Londoners from low income backgrounds. We’re working with the charity to pass on our team’s experience and expertise to the younger generation with the view to helping them gain employment in the future. We’re doing this by:

  • Guest speaking at local schools
  • Creating resources such as ‘Top tips from employers’ for students
  • Hosting mock interviews and giving feedback
  • Offering work experience and internships

We also encourage our employees to participate in community outreach projects by giving all employees 2 days paid volunteering leave each year.

3. Training and development

We know that training is an important factor leading to equal opportunities at work, so we always encourage team members to increase their awareness, knowledge, and skills. It’s not all on the employee though - line managers have access to a training budget and we also provide monthly ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions to enlighten and educate staff on a variety of different topics. We also pledge that at least one of these per quarter will be on the topic of Diversity & Inclusion or Social Responsibility.

4. Diversity and inclusion

As a business, we’re committed to providing annual diversity, inclusion & unconscious bias training for all employees, including our senior management team. We also constantly review our recruitment process to ensure we are reaching a more diverse and inclusive talent pool. Steps we take:

  • Reviewing all job descriptions for inclusive wording
  • At least 2 members of the team are involved in the shortlisting process
  • Continued education of unconscious bias
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We wouldn’t be anywhere without our planet, so it’s important we look after it too. We recognise our position of responsibility and influence as a business, so we commit to choosing sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives at every stage of our activity.

What do we do?

1. Tree-Nation

We’ve partnered with Tree-Nation to plant 50 trees for every digital product we launch! This activity supports our commitment to decrease our environmental impact by offsetting CO2 emissions. You can visit the Tangent forest here

2. Every little helps

If everyone took one step towards becoming more sustainable, we’d be in a much better position to tackle the climate crisis. Here’s some of the things we’re doing:

  • Switching to energy efficient electricity suppliers in our offices
  • Minimising unnecessary data usage e.g., unnecessary emails, attachments in emails, videos
  • Minimising travel to meetings and to the office
  • Ensuring we minimise plastic waste by eliminating water bottles and plastic cutlery
  • Ensuring all waste is recycled properly
  • Ensuring we print as little as possible

Join the team

We’re always on the lookout for great people. Tangent people are more than just pixel pushers, bug fixers, and note takers. We reimagine digital products from all angles and need innovative people with a can-do attitude to make them come to life.