The Business Case for Composable Platforms

With so much information out there about composable architectures, we wouldn't be surprised if it was leaving you a bit... headless?
We've consolidated everything you need to know about composable architectures in our latest white paper, so you can keep up to date with the ever-changing world of digital platforms. If you're looking to deliver future-ready solutions, this report will help you do just that.
We've broken all you need to know down into 5 key points, spanning everything across the marketing, operational and technical benefits of composable digital experience platforms. We've even weighed up a few of the top vendors on the market so you don't have to! Download our white paper to learn about...
- Key Concepts and Terminology
- The Triple Threat: CX, Marketing & Content
- The Bottom Line: Operational & Financial Benefits
- Technical Advantages: Unleashing the Power of Composable
- Platform Comparison: Exploring the Vendor Landscape
Keen to start exploring the world of DXP? Get a copy of our latest report to wrap your head around all things composable, direct from the experts at Tangent: https://hello.tangent.co/the-business-case-for-composable-platforms