Product Palooza: where innovation meets artificial intelligence

What happens when you bring together designers, developers, project managers and technicians to innovate, collaborate and test the boundaries of generative AI?: Product Palooza.
It’s safe to say that AI is not a new entity, but there’s been an unavoidable growth in emphasis upon the future of AI in the digital industry for a while now. And as such, it’s been firmly on our minds too.
As part of our summer celebrations, we brought together all of Tangent’s experts for a Hackathon designed specifically around artificial intelligence. Why? To collaborate around new ideas that can either improve ways of life and work at Tangent, for Tangent’s client base or the wider world. And, of course, to do it all with a Mexican wrestling theme!
Here’s a bit about what we created in just one working day and, most importantly, what we learned about AI in the digital landscape from our efforts:
Elevator: blend the vast archive of readily available web data with ChatGPT’s storytelling capabilities.
Lovingly named after the angriest Avenger, this product “smashes” together the outputs from the depths of the web to form a digestible piece of content that marries data with storytelling. For content creators, data analysts and marketers alike, this means no more digging around for data sources that match your narrative, and no more desperately trying to bend language to your will to glorify your data points. This product does the heavy lifting (or smashing) for you.
Elevator: take the heartache out of online dating admin, and let AI select the perfect profile and matches on your behalf, using your social media profiles as stimulus.
For the modern singleton, online dating has become somewhat of a necessary evil. Many pore over their profiles for hours; trying to strike the ultimate balance to convey desirability to prospective suitors. But how about an app that does all that for you? Put your trust in AI to not only generate the perfect profile for your unique characteristics, but to match you with others who share your traits. Could we be about to change the online dating game forever?
Elevator: So little time, so many timesheets! Use AI to decipher which activities from your working week apply to which job code, and automatically populate your company’s system.
We’ve all been pestered by our friends in finance and accounting to keep our timesheets up to date. Our stock defence when it’s not complete? Well, usually, you know… project work! What if we could free up admin time from your workforce’s diary, by using AI? A fully scalable digital product that could rollout to any agency in a heartbeat, this new tool analyses your diary to log time against timecodes seamlessly.
Thanks AI! (From, literally, the entire industry)
So, what did we learn?
AI has a near limitless range of applications for everyday people, but also brands and businesses the world over, and we really are just scratching the surface of what AI has the power to accomplish.
In just one working day, we thought outside of the box to conceive, design, build and test 8 prototype products that not only worked, but also fulfilled their briefs and, in most cases, looked good too! Just imagine what we could do with more time… Take a look at highlights from the day here:
If you are looking to step into the world of AI but don’t know where to start, we’ve got experts from across every feasible digital discipline that can help you crystallise your challenge and navigate the tools needed to overcome it, with AI at the heart of the process. If you’d like to talk about innovating with AI, you can reach us here: ideas@tangent.co