4 behavioural hacks to make customers crack

Tangent and Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory, have trawled through hundreds of studies and identified the ones with the most practical relevance to CRO.

Behavioural Science & CRO with Richard Shotton

The webinar will give you an introduction to the basic principles of behavioural science and how these can be applied to boost conversions.
We will cover the following four principles:
  • Attracting Attention
  • Perceptions of Value
  • Selection
  • Reducing Churn
You should leave with an increased understanding of the topic as well as clear, easy-to-implement ideas to increase your conversion rate.

Register to join the webinar here.

We're excited to have Richard Shotton on board to provide you with clear, actionable ideas to increase your conversion rate, based on extensive behavioural research.
Richard Trigg - Product Experience Partner