A day in a life of a Intern

We followed Angelica, our new intern, around for the day to find out what life is like for her at Tangent.
Here is some insight into why internships are an important part of your career-discovery journey...
✍️ What did your internship involve?
I was involved in many aspects of the different projects going on. When I first began, I was introduced to a new channel that was being launched very soon. This involved me testing and reviewing vegan products in order to create honest and interesting written content for the Instagram channel. I also helped with the design side of things by coming up with grid ideas for the launch of the page. In addition to this, I researched and contacted influencers that could be potential ambassadors for this brand.
This was just one of the projects I was involved in during my internship, however there was always something new being discussed and brainstormed for more channels.
☝️Why do you feel internships are important?
It enabled me to experience the working world first-hand and become exposed to an environment which is completely different to school or university. I realised that there is a lot more freedom in the work environment and speaking out with your own ideas and opinions is celebrated.
Whether or not you know what field you want to go into when you’re out of education, an internship enables you to discover the range of professions out there, as well as having the opportunity to ask people about these different positions.
📠 How did you find office life?
I definitely found it a lot friendlier than I expected, with continuous upbeat music and donuts going around. Everyone was super inclusive and genuinely interested in my opinion at every stage.
💡What did you like or find interesting about this industry?
The process of creating a new channel or project. It begins with a brainstorming session and it’s amazing to see how one creative idea can be discussed and transformed into a new tangible product or project.
🥊How did you overcome any problems or challenges?
By asking. I quickly realised that asking a stupid question is better than not knowing and doing it all wrong as a result. People are happy to help you and are aware that you are there to learn, asking questions is the simplest way to overcome any challenges.
🤳What were your go-to work tools, apps or platforms?
Slack, Google slides, Instagram, Preview App and Canva were my main go-to’s when communicating, creating and researching.
✨How would you summarise your experience at Tangent?
Interactive, Interesting and Innovative!
😂What’s the funniest thing that's happened during your internship?
There have been many funny moments, however one that was hilarious was when we were taste testing all our CBD products and we all ended up feeling extremely relaxed and 'giggly'.