A day in a life of a intern: Meet Saya

We followed Saya, our intern, around for the day to find out what life is like for her at Tangent.
✍️ What did your internship involve?
I was working with the marketing team on a project called LEYA. I was tasked with taking photos, reviewing products, uploading Instagram posts and designing artwork for various channels within the project.
☝️Why do you feel internships are important?
Internships provide a glimpse of the working world. They’re so important in directing you towards the ‘right’ career path for you; internships can just as easily deter people from certain jobs as it can direct them, so finding the right one for you is essential.
📠 How did you find office life?
Not at all what I expected it to be! I walked in expecting the typical hectic office environment, but was pleasantly surprised by the upbeat (albeit at times questionable) music playing, a sea of friendly faces and most importantly a kitchen stocked with all the breakfast essentials and a coffee machine to feed my caffeine addiction.
💡What did you like or find interesting about this industry?
The whole creative process and how it’s executed; from the original ‘vision’ to the finished design. There’s so much ‘behind the scenes’ that goes on which is overlooked but actually very interesting.
🥊How did you overcome any problems or challenges?
Simply by asking for help! I think people often hold back from asking for help because they’re worried that they might be perceived as incapable or incompetent but at Tangent I was encouraged to ask when unsure; it’s part of the learning process.
🤳What were your go-to work tools, apps or platforms?
My day-to-day tasks involved using Canva, Trello, Slack and Instagram.
🤓What was the most impressive thing(s) that you learnt?
How to multitask efficiently- with several different channels to work on and various deadlines, the only way to make sure those deadlines were met were to multitask. This also meant that sometimes the best way forward was to divide and conquer. I also learnt that no idea or design is a bad one, it’s simply a building block or foundation for a better one- there’s always room for improvement.
✨How would you summarise your experience at Tangent?
Informative and invaluable. I learnt a lot during my time at Tangent but also met, and worked alongside, so many wonderful and friendly people- I’m definitely going to miss it all!
😂What’s the funniest thing that's happened during your internship?
When Danielle and I blind folded the freelancers, Jesper and Oliver, to carry out a blind taste test. It’s safe to say it raised some eyebrows in the office.
📣What advice would you give someone considering taking up an internship?
Make sure you know what time you’re supposed to start… After a week of thinking I started at 10am it finally occurred to me that I was consistently showing up at the office 30 minutes late.