Product strategy

Whether you’re transforming an existing digital product or looking to launch a brand new one, our product strategy team will immerse themselves to uncover everything there is to know about your project, your product and the people we’re designing for.
Product strategy
Getting close to your business and your users
With the right mix of tools, research and experience, we’ll try to get to know as much as we can about your business and your users. We won’t go overboard, but we’ll go as far as we need to to better understand the problem we’re trying to solve. From market research to tech architecture audits, we can help you assess your current experience, from what your customers see to the tech that powers it. We’ll identify areas for improvement and opportunities for innovation.
We bring the human factor to digital products, measure behavioural responses, and integrate this powerful customer insight in the solutions we put forward. Through a number of activities, such as interactive workshops to stakeholer interviews, we’ll work collaboratively with your team and get close to your customers to uncover unmet user needs or deep frustrations.
Guiding you through the process
We know that stakeholders arrive with different and often competing priorities, but our aim is to be collaborating towards a shared goal. Our strategy team will set the vision, prioritise requirements and provide you with an actionable roadmap to digital product success. We’ll weight the pros and cons of various approaches and recommend what we believe will be best for your product, your business and your customers. This will provide everything our product design team need to start putting pixel to screen.
If you’re looking to define the scope of your project, our team can help you have a better understanding of the possible and the steps to get there. Embarking on a discovery phase with us can be done at a fixed cost and the output will give you confidence in the expected outcomes.
Some of the ways we can get started
We can help answer some of your biggest digital challenges and identify untapped opportunities. We'll focus on your customer needs, guide your business forward with actionable insight, and deliver long-term strategic and innovative value.


Qualitative and quantitative research


Customer experience journey mapping


Stakeholder engagement


Competitor analysis


UX audit


Technology and systems architecture reviews

Case Studies