Product design

We shape digital products to make them functional and beautiful. From global multilingual responsive websites to apps and portals, we design enjoyable digital experiences used by millions of people globally.
Product design
Our design approach
Once we’ve defined the product strategy, we explore. Much like there’s more than one way to crack an egg, there’s always more than one way to solve a design problem. We consider the options, apply different lenses, push ideas to their limit and assess what we’ve got.
Our collaborative and transparent way of working with clients provides them with an early view of our initial concepts. We discuss their merits, address the issues and evaluate the impact of any given solution against any constraints- may they be budget, timeline or engineering effort.
We can get from sketch to interactive prototype, fast. We do this so we can get it in the hands of actual users and quickly find out where the product excels and where there might still be some work to do...
This test, learn and iterate approach not only ensures we’re creating a product users will love to use (and come back to), but removes behaviour assumptions, keeps our biases in check, and de-risks the project as a whole.
Applying form to function
Using online tools such as Figma allows us to seamlessly move from prototype to exploring how we weave the brand and all its element into the product experience.
We translate traditional brands into truly digital ones, and consider the brand experience across all digital touchpoints. For us, that means going past colour palettes and typefaces. We know that motion, interaction and animation can elevate your brand over a competitor’s.
We create design systems that are flexible, scalable and accessible- giving your team the tools they need to evolve the product as your business grows.
Some of the ways we can get started
Ready to explore what you’re product could look and feel like? Whether you’re looking to get stakeholder buy in or want to release a fully-fledge digital product, we can take it as far as you need to.


Prototype or test a new idea


Get you to a design MVP


Test an existing product’s usability


Create a design system


Digital brand refresh

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